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Oshawa House Café proudly brews Stereo Coffee Roasters artisanal coffee blends for all of our coffee offerings – from drip to espresso! Geoff, founder of Stereo Coffee Roasters, is our personal coffee roaster and helps us to deliver the best coffee experience for our customers with a super personal approach to coffee. Geoff directly visits all his suppliers and farmers from across the globe and personally small-batch roasts our coffee every week. Geoff also helps us take it one step further by ensuring our grinds, pours, and process all help to ensure the best coffee experience.

Geoff is our personal coffee roaster and provides all of our coffee beans on a weekly basis. Here’s some words from Geoff about his journey, his coffee, and his passion:

“I’ve been working in coffee for nearly 15 years now.  But really, it all started about 20 years ago when a friend gave me their old Gaggia espresso machine.  My wife and I got married in Mexico and as part of our honeymoon we drove through Oaxaca state stopping at several coffee farms on our way to and from Oaxaca city. We talked to farmers, toured farms, learned about processing etc. In 2004 we moved to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica to open a restaurant. 

We bought green coffee from farm Montes d’Oro near Miramar and roasted it ourselves in the restaurant oven. We brewed it and served it for our customers using the traditional Chorreador method and also as espresso using that old Gaggia machine which we brought down with us. We returned back home to Toronto in 2006 to start a family and open a new cafe business, and ended up opening 3!

In 2013 I co-founded and co-owned another roasting company and was actively involved in the company winning Micro-Roaster of the Year in 2016. After this, I helped and founded Stereo Coffee Roasters in May 2018 and we made our first roast in June 2018.

When it comes to roasting, my goal is to develop each coffee to its full potential.  A lot of work has gone into producing these coffees before they reach our warehouse.  Lots of manual labour – picking, sorting, processing, drying, shipping etc.  As a roaster it is our job to do the coffee justice. This can only be done by taking the time to respect the roast that each unique coffee requires. As no two coffees ever roast the same, this means we must apply different profiles to each coffee and continually cup and adjust these profiles to maximize development of each coffee. “

Looking to switch over? Our medium-roast house blend rivals that of other big-name coffee shops and our dark-roast offer that bolder punch you’ve always been looking for! Try a cup today!

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