Welcome To Oshawa House Cafe

Now Open to Serve You Breakfast and Lunch, Specialty Teas and Coffees!

Our History

The Oshawa House Café has gone by many names throughout the years and in 2019, local property owners Ravi and Bill Khanna decided to take it over and reopen as Oshawa House Café.

Ravi and Bill have been pillars in the community since 2004 and have given the café a great sense of community and new life.

From the handmade art posters across the walls, heartfelt community pieces, and new menu offerings – the Oshawa House Café is your go-to community hangout for coffee, snacks, and drinks!


Old Oshawa House

The Oshawa House was constructed sometime around 1838 in the Italianate architectural style. The inn, which had been described in 1844 as the best tavern between Toronto and Kingston, was a multi-purpose facility. A large meeting hall was located on the second floor of the two-story section, just off Centre Street. This hall served as the meeting place many local groups, as well as a place for public speaking events. The Manchester of Canada, published in 1898, the Oshawa House hotel had 40 well-furnished bedrooms as well as being lighted throughout with electricity. At this time, the rate for a room was $1.00 but a special rate could be arranged by the week. By the 1920s the hotel gradually declined and the Oshawa House as converted to apartments with stores on the street level.

Today, the Oshawa House continues to serve a variety of tenants

– including coffee goers like you!